21 May 2009

Shift + Delete

I move and manage computer files at work on a regular basis. There are often duplicate files, and I regularly modify them and erase the originals. In the course of doing this for multiple years, I have fallen into the habit of using shift+delete. You see, delete all by itself just sends things to the recycle bin, which must be emptied periodically. But shift+delete instantly and permanently eradicates whatever file is selected.

This has never been a problem for me with any of the work-related files that I manage. I am meticulous, and I have developed a system that while boring, greatly reduces my chances of accidentally erasing vital data. So the act of using shift+delete has become a healthy habit for me. Or so I thought.

It turns out that what is sound practice in one area, is folly in another. If perchance you don't own/operate an iPod, let me fill you in on a little secret. Even if a song is listed on a playlist AND your main library (and twenty other places), accidentally using shift+delete instead of regular delete to remove a playlist will also remove all those songs from your iPod. Forever.

And so when organizing one of my favorite old playlists, I instinctively hit the shift+delete combo. It took me about seven seconds to realize what I had done, and by that time a playlist of 400 of my FAVORITE songs had been reduced to 150. I quickly unplugged my iPod from the PC, and followed up that action with yells of displeasure. I even looked into the end of the connector cable, to see if perhaps a few of those deleted songs weren't still stuck in the wires. Then I shook my head and called myself a dumbass.

I plugged in the cans and dialed up the old playlist. It still listed 396 songs, but when I tried to play them, it skipped every other one. Among the casualties were some of my Kings Of Leon b-sides, and The Way It Is by skate punk band Zero Down. I thought about writing down as many as I could as the list of the lost scrolled through one first and final time. But I decided instead to seek out new music to replace the old. Time for a change.

Besides, I can't remember most of the old tracks now anyway, even though I'm fairly certain that a few of them may have actually been original recordings of my songs.

Zero Down - The Way It Is via Battle of the Midwestern Housewives
Kings Of Leon - My Third House via real Horrorshow tunes

What's the worst thing you've ever accidentally deleted?


Anonymous said...

That would have to be my precious holiday photos, though they were lost through my computer being broken...Boy was i cross with myself.

Kreg - I have an award for you on my blog....I know some people dont like to display awards but it is there for you if you would like it.

Hope you are well.


nikki said...

/mourns the loss of KoL tunes :(

Zakary said...

RIP your playlist. I know it was rad and I'm sure it went to heaven.

le @ thirdontheright said...

buggar !! go box :) le