14 May 2009

No One's Pimp

I am not prone to push upon you good readers any product that I myself wouldn't use. So when I tell you that the music bursting out of Daytrotter is some of the best music I have ever heard in my life, you can rest assured that I have done my homework.

Read their 'About' section to see how they have turned a novel concept into what I envision must be the world's greatest job. Hell, I'd PAY someone to have a job that cool.

Don't recognize any artists listed there? Don't panic, since your good friend Krëg is here to steer you in a righteous direction. Look up J. Tillman's performance from May 8th, and see (hear) how one man and his guitar single-handedly stomp the ever-loving sh!t out of anything you've heard in the last few months.

Although their work is derivative of Lou Reed and/or Eels, Leatherbag's session is also worth a look.
Spoon is always decent.
Thao Nguyen works it.
My band covers a Mountain Goats song, but I'm not familiar with most of the rest of their work.

Hit their archives
, and find a new favorite band or two.

Go. Get. Music.

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