11 August 2010

I'm A Man Of Means

By no means...
King Of The Road

Rooms to let...

So, I've been busy with A LOT of things lately, most of them boring and none of your business.  But nestled amongst the other happenings, a few friends and I have been buying up recording equipment and instruments with the aim of recording some tunes that don't sound like the aural equivalent of a vomit and turd quiche roasting in an dry pressure cooker.  Most of us still also meet weekly to blast out the best live music to ever grace the den of any residence in town. But the predominant sentiment wafting through the air lately is that we have no aspirations of playing for a live audience.  Ever.  Hanging out in shit-hole bars with soulless drunks is no way to live your life; even for pay.  To steal a page from Danny Glover, we're all gettin too old for that shit.

So in order to take the excitement of playing in new directions, some of us have taken to recording.  Thus far we've only experimented with covers such as the one above (including the snap track that I failed to forbid), but an ever-growing buzz gives rise to hope for recording original works within a few months.  I'm stoked, because I think with a little studio polish, maybe my homespun track Intervention won't sound so much like it needs an intervention itself.

Hope you guys are doing well and haven't choked on your own tongues or any bullshit like that.

See you in a while.