31 March 2009

Pessimistic Cynic?

Or cynical pessimist?

I don't consider myself to be a negative person.

But as it turns out, I may be one anyway.

I frequently catch myself judging others before getting to know them; judging people based solely on easily observable characteristics. And I'll often assume the worst about someone if they display a trait I consider undesirable. Tattoos visible on your hand or face? Loser. Talking with a thick southern accent about an episode of American Idol? Idiot. Slack-jawed, 300 pound, mu mu wearing woman that looks like if she showered at all, she did it in the bed of a truck rolling through a car wash in fourth gear? Pariah.

My mental judgmental checklist just goes on and on and on and on.

And then, recently, for no discernible reason, I had it out with myself.

"These people are just humans, just like you," my mind told itself. "Nothing more, nothing less. Just people." My brain continued lecturing to itself, "Just like you, they were all born from a mother, and must cope and live in this same world of heartbreak and splendor. You should cut your fellow humans some slack."

"But those people are obviously different from me!" protested negative Krëg (Krëgative). "I'm pretty sure that means they are flawed or evil or retarded or something."
"Right. Shall I run through the lengthy list of the ways YOU are flawed and evil and retarded?"

"Now who's being negative? I thought you were supposed to be some helpful internal monologue of tolerance and reason, not some nagging asshole."
"Quit being a smart ass and listen to yourself (me) for a minute. You need to shut down this judgemental 'holier-than-thou' mentality that's crept into your life as of late. It gains you nothing."

"But don't you think that in some ways my skepticism has protected us? I mean, we (I) haven't made many poor decisions with Mr. Judgmental at the helm. It's not like our friends are crackheads or Libertarians or something. I think my skepticism has put us on the right path."

"There's a difference between being a healthy skeptic and being a horribly negative pessimist. You're (I'm) sliding in the wrong direction. Further, I challenge you to prove any actions put you (me) on the path you're on right now. I'm pretty sure it was just a combination of dumb luck and good timing."

"And let's not even get into some of your trust issues..."
"Hey! I come by those honestly. You remember when..."

"Yes, of course I do."

"Or that shitty year when..."

"Yes, yes. It's not like we inhabit different skulls, dumb ass. Those two events were pretty brutal. And I'm not saying that you should just start running up to random strangers and giving them hugs and pouring out your soul to them. Just maybe lay off the thinking the heavily pierced guy behind the counter at the gas station is a failure. Chances are, he's better than you at four or five things."

"Like mopping up puke or chain-smoking?"

"There you go again with the smart ass cracks. Look, all I'm saying is that perhaps you should just try observing others without assigning judgment. Because if you don't ease up, you stand a strong chance of dying alone and bitter, with people queuing up to water the non-existent flowers on your grave with warm streams of their own urine. And tell me champ, where does THAT little scenario fit into your judgmental world view?"

"Fuck you."

...And so the struggle continues "silently" inside my head, but I'm hoping the tide is turning in favor of a more optimistic Krëg.

Baby steps.

Queen's greatest song. Ever.


Bj in Dallas said...

A Kreg Cranium Ping Pong Match...

BTW, I am a smart ass to the core, and often told I'm so non-judgmental. then I walk away thinking 'fooled that one'.....

but most people don't bother me one way or another, I just ignore the ones that annoy me. and keep on keepin on...

le @ thirdontheright said...

awww pumpkin bum you are a bit harsh on your self yes .... it's a sad but true fact that we humans judge all the time on all levels - it's a sub program and you can't remove it so just move with it ... it's part evolution, part preservation etc etc etc ...

anyone who loves fat bottomed girls - the song or and the reality can't be all bad ....says the queen of fat butt world.

loving your judgemental, extremely funny ass from afar ...

and you know what the bottom line is this too will pass .... and before you know it - it will be glass half full again - you had a big yuck experience and these things take time to move on from - my pop survey says three years but don't let that be you - move now to your new groove ... le xoxo

Lorrie Veasey said...

WTF? DID YOU DISABLE COMMENTS dude? Cuz there is no way i can see to comment on your post above.

kwr221 said...

bastard! And I mean that in the nicest way! ;-) I was going to comment on your APril Fool's post. IN spanish, lol.


Classic April Fools.

le @ thirdontheright said...

happy easter lumpy bum le xox

Anonymous said...

Kreg - Thanks for the welcome back. I love the new banner you have. How did you do it?

I forgot all about April Fools :(

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Kreg. A pharmacist? Really? In your Band?
That somehow doesn't surprise me.
I would greatly appreciate to hear about anything you learn. Prograf is supposedly losing there patent very soon and it could go generic. But from what I understand it is unlikely that anyone is going to step forward with the economy the way it is. Who knows what will happen. There is also a rumor that even if someone else takes on this endeavor the generic version won't be as effective as the real thing because the makers won't be able to replicate it. Like how the hell does anyone know that I ask. Whatever you learn I would be interested. Thanks.