30 March 2009

Chow Down

Much like the rest of the non-starving segment of society, whenever I am not asleep I have always tried to eat foods that I enjoy. On occasion, I have even combined a few of my favorite foods in an attempt to create even tastier super-foods (although baconcicles were a disappointment).

But I still can't imagine the depravity necessary to conceive this abomination.

I recognize the individual components as edible, but when combined in this manner they tally up to some incomprehensible un-food. Nothing there looks appetizing. The photo conjures up the exact opposite hunger. It looks like someone barfed on Abe Lincoln's hat.

Perhaps that is one of the tricks to Weight Watchers: make food look so unappealing that people lose the will to eat.

What's the worst combo you've ever seen?


Bj in Dallas said...

that one

Lo said...

Years ago I was interviewing a doctor about the remarkable success of a diet drug that had some remarkably nasty side effects (the part the announcer always rushes through). The doc said in post-market study, they found that the drug was so effective not because of how it worked, but because people who were faced with living through those side effects simply decided not to eat. At all. Cracks me up.

zakary said...