20 February 2009

Everybody's Working For The Weekend

A few friends are coming in from out of town for the weekend, including the guy who got the best Valentine's Day gift(s) in recent memory. That gift consisted of roughly 1K worth of musical recording equipment, equipment which he is bringing to my house for instructions on how to operate. I hope I can figure it out quickly, because I'd rather spend the time ACTUALLY RECORDING the music we play instead of setting up his system. Tube preamp, recording/mixing software, shock-mount condenser mic, new laptop, and cables and a mic stand. His mixing board hasn't arrived yet, but we can use mine for the weekend.

Maybe I'll have some recordings to post here after the weekend is over. I promise it won't sound like Loverboy.

Pray for my liver.


zakary said...

Zoe found a CD that you made me like 34 years ago and she listens to it in her Sony Discman (she has to take care of it to prove that she is responsible enough for an iPod). I heard her singing, "You put a gram of cocaine up your nose...to get you up on your toes..." I died laughing when I saw what she was rocking out to.

However, Zondra wasn't amused!

And Zoe thinks you are a rock god.

(Which you are.)

zakary said...

And have fun this weekend.

My condolences to your liver.

Debbie said...

So, you think there is still a chance for the liver? I gotta love your optimism.

Bj in Dallas said...

well its Sunday, and by now it is too late to wish your liver well, and request a song. So please post some music that Zoe won't learn NEW lyrics from and drink alot of water. From the sink, not the toilet.

Lorrie Veasey said...

I can't believe you told some poor girl that she should get her lovah music equipment instead of a slanket, or a snooglie, or whatever the hell those useful blankets with arms are called.


I mean, she's lucky if she got laid after that. Kinda like a dude buying his wife a toaster, no?