07 October 2008

Fresh Meat

Seems like everyone has been up my ass to write more lately. And not just for this little stinky little shart of a blog either. Mike has been on me to write something, ANYTHING for our proposed music review site, and school will soon be requiring about a thousand words per day for almost two months. And honestly, after sitting in front of a monitor all day, five days a week, the last thing I want to do is spend MORE time fingering a keyboard. Well, a computer keyboard anyway. And as always, there are plenty of other things I’d rather finger.

Speaking of finger, while looking through one of my older blogs (available here and here and here) for material to recycle for this one, I came across this link: http://www.misternicehands.com/. It seems to be one of the few links on my old blogs that still functions. But I was looking through my old material when I realized that I would be cheating myself out of the opportunity to write compelling new posts that would seem dated and dumb five years from now. Besides, I'm really far too lazy to do a Ctrl+H (find and replace) to change all the instances of "wife" to "ex-wife". So I suppose I’ll have to keep churning out fresh content for now.



Okay, I could of played with the fingers a few more times but...you guessed it, the girls walked in. I'd have never gotten my computer back.

zakary said...

God. I'm sorry I asked for a new post. :)

Lorrie Veasey said...

First blog posting I ever blushed at.
I guess that mean I have to get out more.