24 October 2008

Friday Mash-Up

Left Lane Cruiser's track Set Me Down reminds me of George Thorogood, but only in a good way.

Gary Busey (a topic of fascination to me), will be appearing in a movie in called The Hand Job playing the role of "Blind Master". I can't decide whether to laugh or scream.

Some things
make me want to get a vasectomy. Right now.

I discovered something new to have nightmares about. I could have gone my whole life without knowing those things exist. I think I'd weta my pantsa if I ever saw one of those in real life.

Logging into my computer at work today, I was greeted by the audit software (it checks and keeps a record of software and hardware on every PC). It has run many times before, but for some reason it was asking me to input my name this morning. Sick of the audit software for various reasons, I jokingly entered the name "Ted Nugent" as my user name. Five minutes later it completed it's process and finally allowed me to operate my computer at speeds approaching sloth. At that point I was able to open my email and read a company-wide announcement that systems had upgraded the audit software, and that we would have to re-enter all of our user information the first time it ran. Thereafter, it would be stored in a database and we would never have to enter it again. I hope my co-workers like their new data services coordinator.

When in doubt I whip it out, got me a rock-n-roll band.

It's a free for all!



i am never going to NZ or its surrounding islands. at least not until those critters are rendered extinct.
your computer doesn't think your ted now does it?

zakary said...

Dan Hawkins (head coach for CU football) looks just like Gary Busey. Who scares the shit out of me.

See you around Ted.

Lorrie Veasey said...

OMgawd - you are so going to have to start watching CELEBRITY REHAB WITH DR. DREW on Sunday nights on VH1 with me because Gary Busey is on it!! And right now the big question is: as what-because Gary seems convinced that he is there to be a "participant" and help others, and Dr. Drew thinks he is there as a "patient" and sparks fly with him and Jeff Conway and my Gawd just pop the popcorn now and let's IM each other when it's on for the play by play, shall we?