18 August 2009

My Point Is...

I was talking to a friend last night, and began a sentence thusly: "I was reading something recently... No wait... Maybe I saw it in a Burger King commercial. It doesn't matter. My point is..."

My friend wisely cut me off at this point, and suggested that perhaps it DID matter where I learned whatever dubious facts I was preparing to unleash, especially if I was going to use them to illustrate a point.

I countered by pointing out that whether I gained "knowledge" from a textbook or from the ghoulish plastic grin of the BK King, if I never ran the core idea all the way back to its headwaters to check for validity, I was just taking someone else's word for it anyway.

"But Burger King always has an agenda when they 'teach you facts.' They want to sell you burgers, and are motivated by profit. Science is only motivated by more science."

"Tell that to the scientists who shouted down Wegener. At least Burger King's motives are out in the open. But my point is... Dammit, I forgot. Now all I can think of is how much I want a cheeseburger."

I sometime find it hard to put myself in another's shoes. Still, I'm fairly certain that if I was behind the wheel of that car pictured below, I'd be doing donuts on bloody monkey pelts.
Earth's two most wretched mammals interact.

Rolling Stones - Loving Cup

"Krëg, you're such a negative person." (said pot)
"I am NOT!" (said kettle)

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Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

That Kingly guy gets all the girls and boys. Looking at that second foto, I'm not sure whether that's a man, a woman or a ghoul. I guess it doesn't matter anyway. They certainly seem flustered and idiotic. I'm wondering how the photographer went unnoticed. He must have been a hell of a long ways away.