02 June 2009

Act Now!

You have precious little time left to get me a kick-ass birthday present. Better move quickly. Things on my "desired but not acquired" list include: world peace, total enlightenment, end to world starvation, Liv Tyler, reduced pollution, and increased compassion for all the planet's creatures.

Big props to your fellow reader over at SHST. He sent me these über-cool origami dollars.
Pictured: Demonstrable skill

Pop that photo up to big size, and check out the TINY folds he made on some of the feet and noses/trunks. I don't think I could make folds that small without lathroscopic surgery gear.

Seriously, if y'all wanna do something cool in celebration of my birthday (and I know you do), find a local charity you believe in, and give them something nice. Or just give a small wad of cash to the nearest homeless person. They'll know what to do with it.


Tom Waits - Gun Street Girl


Bj in Dallas said...

I'm dropping off blankets and towels tomorrow at the SPCA and I'll tell them its from you....

Happy Birthday to yuuuuuuu...

are you fifty yet?

Lo said...

Happy birthday, Kreg. I'm saving up to buy you world peace (you have to buy politicians, so it will take a while). Hope it's a happy one.