21 May 2010

Go Get Some

In lieu of an exciting and detailed update about my personal life, I'm going to cop out and post about music by a cool artist:  Tim Fite.

Tim Fite is quirky as hell, and worth at least a few minutes of your time.  His music is simultaneously thoughtful and humorous, and often flirts with being ludicrous.  He reminds me of a more accessible Frank Zappa.  Damn near every entry about him on the web describes him as "eccentric".  Nuff said.

We Didn't Warn You - Tim Fite

Anyhow, you're not a total child, so I'll let you go further your investigations on your own.  I think you're old enough to be trusted to use the Internet on your own now.  Don't disappoint me.

Who's been rocking YOUR ears lately?


Pearl said...

Awesome, Kreg. Never heard this before!


p.s. Jay Reatard: RIP.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

The "Peas" (as in Blackeyed), Pink, Band of Horses, All American Rejects, Nickelback, Imogen Heap and the one group I can never remember the name of.
Man, I haven't heard any Zappa in ages. 'The Adventures of Greggery Peccary'. That just makes me laugh.