28 October 2009

Blow Town

Chances are looking favorable that I'll be leaving town for the weekend. And not just some two-dimensional flattened copy of me either. No, this will be a real jaunt, featuring the official human-meat version of Krëg. I'll probably do off-the-wall things like eat food and look at stuff. Possibly some walking around and drinking things. I'm a wild-man like that. An animal.

Unlike most of my attorney-encouraged "getaways" where I lurk in a cabin while searing off my fingerprints with a clothes iron, this short break is welcome and purely recreational. Anyhow, I'll try to remember to take a camera or something, and I may even have the wherewithal to use it. I promise I'll give y'all an undetailed, rambling, and sketchy account of my wanderings when I return.

In the meantime (assuming I don't post again before I leave), amuse yourselves by looking at Black And WTF or Halloween In The Time Of Cholera, and marvel at Halloween costumes of yesteryear.

Also, feel free to answer the question from my last post, if you haven't already.

"We're gonna need a bigger fly-swatter."


Bj in Dallas said...

have fun, and please don't try to get a ride while holding an ax.
Those guys just don't make good time on their travels.

and I promise, by the time you get back, your flat head that is in Dallas will show up on various websites.

I ben buseee.

Debbie said...

Have a great time. I finally answered your email, btw.

justsomethoughts... said...

picture is a classic.

ZDub said...

Um, well, I don't really give a shit where you go. I know you didn't come here, in a car OR in my (mail)box, so what different does it make?

I'm not bitter.

And I'm slightly drunk.

Have a good time, assface!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Have fuuuuuuun!

Fun looks weird with that many u's.

JennyMac said...

Hope you had a great weekend. That picture is scary. LOL.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Hope you had a good time.

Lorrie Veasey said...

Wither thou goest o Kreg?

Gee, I hope it's somewhere fun like Utah.

le @ whoopwhoop said...

have a gay ole time buddy !! well you know not too gay, but gay in the orginal sense of the word - happy joyful and the like ... not that there is anything wrong with gay ... ask my first husband ... he thought it was a fine ole sideshow ... have I said too much - best le xoxo

le @ whoopwhoop said...

where be for out thou

jenX said...

eat food and look at stuff. that's funny! i just noticed you put tulsa as your hometown. you've been holding out on me, dude.