16 July 2009

All The Pros Use It

Lots of people will tell you that to properly hydrate yourself during a workout, you should drink plenty of water, or even something full of electrolytes. Those people are idiots. Only the truly professional athletes can let you in on a trade secret: Pound the Pabst. Before, during, and after the workout. Not only does the alcohol keep you loose, but fighting the urge to vomit up beer foam can be a welcome distraction from the grueling tedium of your routine. Your workout will just FLY by! And eventually so will your liver functionality.

The Eye Of The Tiger!

Seriously, don't drink while you workout. It's really difficult. And possibly counterproductive.
Big ups to Brent for capturing this hilarious photo.

After chatting with my brother today, I discovered yet ANOTHER track I'd deleted back in Maypril (a new month I just invented to cover my uncertainty): Ray LaMontagne - Jolene off his album Trouble


Zakary said...

That photo is tits.

And I wish my birthday was in Maypril. It's just in stupid ole July.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I think Maypril is a real month. It's kind of like the 13th zodiac sign that we no longer use because its a mystery and its lost to the ancients. Maypril falls in there somewhere because there had to be 13 months to make that wheel-go-round work. I'm just thinking here. Out loud.

Miss Thystle said...

Dear Kreg, My pabst gets foamy when I run, is it okay to drink whiskey instead?


A. Nony Mouse

le @ thirdontheright said...

a truly skilled athlete ... nice to see a man who can multi task !! le