14 November 2008

Friday Mash-Up

First off, welcome to any voyeurs that have been kicked here from the website of the lovely Muddy Veasey. It was a bit of a surprise to receive acknowledgment for my loosely structured rantings. If it results in a growing number of readers, I suppose that will make frequent posts to this site compulsory. Curse you Lorrie for making more work for me! New and familiar viewers alike should feel free to look through some of my older postings, as recent postings may be devoid of rational content. Also help yourself to the comments section while supplies last.

Second, one of my 3.6 readers mentioned problems with the shiba inu puppy video feed. This link may work better. The feed is so cute, you'll barf a rainbow.

Third, some friends and I crawled through about half of the thousand plus songs linked to last weeks post about horrible music that you love. Out of the hundreds that we listened to, we only found TWO that we had never heard before but still enjoyed. Thought I'd point them out, in case you missed them.
King Curtis & The Kingpins - Memphis Soul Stew
Aretha Franklin - Spanish Harlem

We also found one tune that was so hypnotically invasive, I feel certain I will still be able to sing the chorus on my deathbed, even though I only listened to it ONCE. I think studies will show that Alzheimer's patients can recite this song long after they have forgotten the names of their loved ones. You've been warned.
Albert Hammond - I'm A Train
Awful. Especially the a capella harmonies about 4/5 of the way through.

Have yourself some kinda weekend.


zakary said...

I have been reading this blog now for awhile and I can pretty much say that your older posts are devoid of rational content as well.

That picture of Uretha Franklin made me spit my water out. Nicely done, yo.


Bj in Dallas said...

I'm cracking up about Uretha...
although I have that song on a old CD
I had a 45 record (do you remember those)of John Lennon singing Instant Karma, and on the flip side was his not so talented songstress wife Yoko Ono, singing Who Has Seen The Wind, which sounded like a dying animal at regular speed, but since we were too young to get high, our drug of choice was turning it up on 78 speed and it sounded like screeching tires.....
good times...

btw great blog

Lorrie Veasey said...

Tonight, I'm gonna drink my usual two bottles of Chard, then I'm gonna suggest Sexyhusbandomine show me some R-E-S-P-E-C-T by wearing the Aretha afro wig to bed, and singing in falsetto I'm a train I'm a train I'm a chica train train while I show him exactly what a HARD day it's been.

Obviously you are the new Dr. Ruth.


If I had had water in my mouth I would have spit it out too. I on the other hand almost bit off my tongue. My wife sat there and repeatedly said, "What,what,what?" I could not stop laughing my butt off and as always I had tears in my eyes. Thanx for that.

Anonymous said...

Happy to be kicked here by Muddy Veasey. I will be back to read more :)

Racie Lover said...

Lorrie made me come over here, too. I am drawn yet repelled by your meanderings (in a good way) but have to say I got a bit nauseous due to your pyschodelic background montage thingy whatsit. Perhaps a lighter shade of pale would help.

Meanwhile, I will be back after I take a Tumms.