19 September 2008

So, I'm reading the NYT online because I am curious about the current financial meltdown and various government bailouts both proposed and implemented. And while I'm reading, it is pissing me off that the government is coming to the rescue of people who made horrible investment decisions. I pay my f-ing mortgage like clockwork, and what's more, I made damn sure that I would be able to afford my mortgage payment before I ever signed any paperwork. Now I read that my government is planning to use a vast chunk of of the bread they get from taxing everyone to help out the morons who couldn't do simple math and rudimentary risk assessment. Reward the idiots and show them it is perfectly acceptable to take huge gambles in risky markets. And I'm reading. And my ire is swelling. And I keep scrolling down to read more.

And I see this:

Now, normally when I see this image is looks a bit more like this:

For a moment there, my eyes automatically added in the shitty pixelation problem and gaudy flashing text that accompany most 'quality' porn ads. Then I blinked and realized that it was a decent photograph, and touted as a new film in a major newspaper. So obviously, I'm slightly confused, and naturally I forget all about the proposed sub-prime mortgage bailout. Because, hey, there appears to be a new movie out featuring two Asian lesbians. So, while I'm REALLY hoping this oriental lesbian throw-down movie isn't the "Dakota Fanning Rape Movie" mentioned just below the photo, I cautiously click the link.

It turns out that NO, thankfully this is not the Dakota Fanning Rape Movie. It also turns out that the movie sounds incredibly dull, and I have probably already enjoyed the greatest part of the film by looking at that still image.

But I have to hand it to the ad guys at the Times; I'd wager that their review of Wayne Wang's two new and equally unintriguing movies is one of the most viewed pages online today ... simply because of men's reflexive reactions when seeing that picture.


zakary said...

Too funny.

And NO one wants to see the Dakota Fanning rape movie. No none.

Shudder and Barf.

Krëg said...

Yeah, I think that movie has an actual name, but I don't know what it is. I should probably find out, just for the purposes of avoiding it.

"Hey Krëg, you wanna go see the movie Whiskey Bucket?" ... And the next thing I know I'm watching the DFRM.

Lorrie Veasey said...

I think you should have suggested painting some pottery.


I'm with Lorrie...but wait, what? There's a pixelation problem? I was just getting into the simple math and rudimentary risk assessment.