27 August 2008

I Just Splurged All Over Myself

Damn you Craigslist. I only love you for your /msg section, because I find the rest of you seedy and strange (kinda like holding a garage sale with only one soiled and smelly item). But your musical instruments section is like a magical toy store to me. I've become pretty adept at sifting through your piles of musical crap, looking for peanuts and nuggets of corn amongst the turds.

Today you made me broke Craigslist. Flat ass buh-roke. My finances are red-lined, and I couldn't care less. I can and will endure the coming week until payday frugally, and I'll do it happily. I have no choice but to eat ramen and air until then, since I dropped five Franklins on my new (used) uber-toy. But I'll only be hungry for a week; I'll have my kick-ass gear for a LOT longer than that. And I doubt a unit like this will be for sale again in the next twenty years at so convenient a location and certainly not at so low a price.

I can't believe someone listed an X77 at about one-quarter of its value. Can't. Fucking. Believe. It. I could NEVER afford a properly priced unit. Never. And I can't believe no one else beat me to close the sale. I was well over a day late responding to the post due to illness (mostly mental), and was astonished that no one else got there first. Actually, one guy did beat me there, but he told the seller that he had to look into some repair questions (three of the keys don't work) and make some calls before he made his offer. I did all my homework on the x77 before I ever met the seller, brought a handful of cash and a friend with a truck, and I didn't aim to fuck around. Yeah, the cabinet has the tonewheel. Yeah, it has the Leslie. And yeah, it's mine for life (or until my house burns flat). I like to imagine that the guy who showed up first but waffled on the sale is tonight curled up in some dark room, drinking and crying at his inability to pull the trigger.

This whole affair also drove home one of the finer points of being single, as I could never have pulled some shit like this when I was married.

My music room is almost complete now. I only lack a drum kit...

Fuckin sweet.


zakary said...

what's a x77?

sounds like a score.

Krëg said...

x77 is the model number of the Hammond organ and Leslie cabinet I damn near stole from a Pentecostal church in Owasso. And yeah, it is a total score.