29 August 2008


I found a few items of interest while cleaning out a drawer a few weeks ago. As today marks the one year anniversary of my ex-wife moving out of my house, it seems a fitting time to post them.

The first one cracked me up:

The second made me feel much better about my attempts to keep my marriage happy, even if it did drive home how oblivious I was that the whole thing was falling down around my ears:

June 28th, while picking up supplies for a party, I also picked up some carnations for my now ex-wife.

July 3rd we had the discussion that probed our collective misery and effectively ended our marriage.

Five days.

Now, while I don't for one minute believe that flowers were all that were required to keep the marriage alive, at least I can take some small solace in my efforts at thoughtful gestures.

Maybe some things were just never meant to be, no matter how hard a person works at them.

About a week ago, a co-worker who has been monitoring my varying attitudes of the past year phrased it best:
"Thank God for second chances, huh?"

Damn straight.

Oh, and I'm pretty confident those weren't MY lucky numbers.


zakary said...

I love this post. Now, post everyday and you have yourself a blog. Seriously, show this bitch some respect.

"Maybe some things were just never meant to be, no matter how hard a person works at them." Love it.

Or the metaphor I use in regards to my first marriage: "It's like trying to polish a turd.

Love ya--Zak

Lorrie Veasey said...

I'm thinking maybe it was the fact that you went with carnations. Don't get me wrong: the gesture is sweet regardless of the type of flower, but carnations are really the marigolds of cut flowers. Please bring your next wife home some daisies-stick them in red food coloring and watch them turn pink together.

And BTW- I am going to plug your blog on my blog so you best get writing.