17 December 2009

Merry Christmas


le @ whoopwhoop said...

hee hee my boys are facinated with the hand man ... not that I usually let the 5yr old and 7yr old read Kreg :) don't fear Kregie ... we won't name your site family friendly just yet :)

What I notice is the size of that man's hands ... now doing the extrapolation ... holy mother of god (my fav xmas exclamation ..), if it's all in proportion ... a girl's mind just boggles !!

merry xmas to you my fav kreginator - thanks for being such a great bud to us chickie babes, le xoxo

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

So...that was different.

And I was thinking about The Hadron Collider. Can you imagine wanting to be sitting in the control room when they started flipping the switches? Hell, the thing broke down once already. Maybe that was a sign.
I guess if your going to go Black Holing, disappearing in a whirlwind at ground zero would probably be the best seat in the house.

Branwen said...

LOL...Well i guess we all have to be good at something.

Merry Christmas Kreg, i know im a little late...Sorry.