27 June 2008

Steampunk GPS

I usually don't yearn for earthly things, but this little baby is the perfect blend of geography and steampunk to switch on my inner geek. Hell, I'd even pay that ludicrous amount for one, but I can't find them online anywhere. I feel lucky that I could find this much information about them. I'm sure it's just the way I imagine things from the forties and fifties, but I'm convinced that thing must emit orange light when it's on.

The thing must be at least the size of a cantaloupe, and mounts to those antique steering columns that impaled any fedora-wearing-era driver involved in even a minor fender-bender. So I suppose I can see why these things weren't minting new millionaire salesmen. How convenient and wise is it to bend over to peer into an illuminated sphere while blasting down the highway? That's almost as negligent as talking on a cell phone while driving.

I still want one though.

Here's Breakdown by Handsome Boy Modelling School feat. Jack Johnson

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