13 March 2008

...Live Together In Perfect Harmony...

Got myself a new toy for the rock-bottom price of seventy-five clams. Moved it with the help of good friend.
That 2x4 isn't affixed. I cut it down to size after I took this picture. It was necessary because this piano no longer has casters.
This thing literally fell of the back of a truck. It belonged to the Adam's Mark hotel here in town, and they used it during parades. I guess during one event, the truck took a corner a bit too fast. Anyhow, it made the woodwork uglier than a sack of smashed assholes, but didn't hurt the actual mechanics of the instrument at all. Well, one mallet is missing, but it is the highest B, and I'm pretty sure I won't use that much until I get better at playing.
So long story short, it looks like whiskey but plays like wine.
It's missing the flap-part that covers up the keys, and the large piece of wood between the pedals and the keys, but as ugly as the rest of the woodwork is, that is probably a blessing.
Today marks it's one week anniversary in my house. I'm surprised how much I've learned in one week. I printed out a sheet of piano chords and I have been fairly successful at playing songs I already knew on guitar. I can't wait to see where a month takes me.

It turns out that Craigslist is actually pretty cool. This is the first purchase I've ever made using it. Although you should always be careful when shopping in the musical instruments section. "Free Organ" isn't always what you think it should be.

It occurs to me that an excellent test of friendship is a friend's willingness to help you move a piano on short notice.

Here some tracks:
Beck - Pressure Zone (Buy Here)
Bruce Springsteen - Pink Cadillac (Acoustic Outtake) (Buy Here)

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zakary said...

That's totally bad ass! You should go on the road.