01 June 2005

"Ain't gunna be no rematch..."

...to quote Apollo Creed from the first Rocky movie.

I love this photo:

For a few reasons.

First, he's wearing a nerd shirt. Or, maybe it isn’t a nerd shirt, but it has a collar on it. I guess he’s one of those refined, upper-crust rockheads.

Second, this guy looks like Carl Weathers (Cracktion Jackson).

Third, he's smoking crack with a match. I always thought you had to use a blowtorch or some shit.

And finally there is the paramount reason I adore this photo. After the first two or three times you burn some rock, I'd imagine it’s pretty hard to look this righteous. I'd think that your average crackhead would look far more desperate and sweaty. So I figure either this guy is a newbie, or he’s a seasoned pro and doesn't take any shit from his crack. You know, like it’s a vendetta thing. Maybe crack killed his daddy and he's come back to teach crack a lesson. Any way you slice it, this dude means business.

Speaking of Action Jackson, that movie sucked. Bad. "Hot. Hotter! HOTTEST!"


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